Wood Shavings & Sawdust

Removal of Wood Shavings & Sawdust:

Our solution allows the customer to control costs and prevent material going to landfill.  All waste collected is weighed on site with our on board “legal-for-trade” weighing equipment which produces a printed ticket accompanied by a waste transfer note.  This is particularly useful to establish environmentally responsible waste handling.

There are many types of organisations that benefit from our service, for example we have many joinery manufacturers, timber yards, sawmills, shop-fitters, local council workshops and furniture manufacturers on our client list from very small joinery shops to large national timber companies.

Supply of Wood Shavings & Sawdust:

For our agricultural customers we select bedding that is suited to their requirements.  The material is often drawn from stock, blended to customers’ preference and delivered quickly and efficiently in our walking floor lorries.  This method of delivery is best suited to customers who do not require vast volumes of material (7-10 tonnes typically) have limited storage space or have restrictions on access.

We deliver on a day and time that is convenient to the customer.