For Dust Extraction Companies & New Installations:

Woodflakes of Daventry provide useful services which are worthy of consideration when installing new extraction systems.  We cover a wide variety of situations with our clearance solutions.

If you are an extraction company or a wood machining business and are considering changing / upgrading or moving your facility we may be able to help.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements whatever the situation and can often provide simple low cost alternatives.

We offer a clearance service for the following types of businesses

Small Joinery Shops & Wood Working Facilities:

We can provide an occasional clearance of smaller facilities where clients produce low volumes of waste.  There are no specialised containers and no minimum attendance requirements which enables costs to be kept to a minimum.

Large Wood Machining Companies:

We can clear large storage sheds or provide standing trailers for businesses who produce larger volumes of woodshavings and sawdust.

Facilities With Briquetting Systems:

Once installed these systems are suitably efficient and environmentally very sound.  However sometimes overproduction of briquettes due to an increase of work or seasonal trends can cause storage problems.  Furthermore if there is a machinery failure which requires repair this can also lead to difficulties.

By installing an overflow container within the system that we can empty, the client would always have a solution which would counter these problems, giving them peace of mind and resolving a potentially awkward situation.

Larger Wood Waste Burning Systems:

When installing major wood burning systems at large manufacturing sites the location of the fuel/storage silos is often overlooked.  We have assisted many businesses by offering professional advice in this regard and creating a back up plan just in case a break down does occur, therefore allowing easier access to clear such areas.